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Wood Floor Restoration.

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Our wood floor repairs service can give you the peace of mind and can also save you money. Accidents will happen, and sometimes your wooden floor can get damaged, but don’t worry, it doesn’t always mean a full replacement.

At www.floorsandinglondon.co.uk, Our Expert Wood Floor Sanders will use the latest dust free technology technology from PALLMANN, which produces Dust Free Floor Sanding experience. Our team of Floor Sanders are  recognised as being Master Craftsmen, ensuring your wooden floor will be repaired, properly prepared and expertly restored.

Get in touch if you need wood floor sanding and polishing, wood floor refinishing or resurfacing work done.

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Below are some of the Wood Floor Sanding and Other Related Service we Provide: 

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Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration London

Our hall floor had originally been varnished but had taken some real wear and tear over 20 years as the kids grew up. Charles and his co-worker did a really excellent job! Even very deep high-heel marks vanished, and the colour has gone from dirty brownish-grey to lovely warm tropical timber colours. Smashing.

Mr Hill


For a truly professional Wood Floor Restoration Service in London, call us on 020 8150 5055 !


Do you have a damaged wooden floor?

Our experienced team of wood flooring operatives have vast experience and knowledge installing and repairing a diverse array of wood floor types and styles – we specialise in repairing:

Parquet flooring
Solid wood flooring
Engineered flooring
Strip flooring
Sports flooring
Dance flooring
Laminate flooring
Sprung flooring


Wooden Decking Renovation

Decking is vulnerable to weathering and can soon become dirty, scratched or sun damaged. Decks restoration is quick and straightforward.  We carefully sand the entire surface and remove the ugly layer of old, peeling wood fibres.

‘Like-new’ wood fibres emerge from just beneath the surface. Fresh anti slip decking oil or stain then creates a smart new finish.



Stair Stripping, Sanding & Sealing

Stairs are often viewed as difficult to maintain.  No wonder they are neglected - or covered by carpeting or layers of paint for generations.  Stripping is hard work, but taking pains gives splendid results.

We strip and sand the entire tread and risers - and give them a clear natural or stained finish.  Or why not have the riser finished in white paint?  The tread is left in clear or stained sealant.  The result is a striking feature for any property.

We usually only treat these parts of the stairs and don't tackle banisters.


Wooden Floor Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is a major advantage of a wooden floor.  A lacquered floor just requires regular sweeping and/or vacuuming to remove dirt and grit.
Avoid revolving vacuum cleaner brushes and excess moisture.  A damp mop and a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer, will do the job.  If appropriate, specialist products can be used to maintain
the finish.
As the floor loses its lustre over time, refinish it with new coats of lacquer.  Simply give the original surface a light sanding down - and recoat.

Waxed and oiled wooden floors can undergo similar sweeping and mopping – to be then buffed to maintain their shine.  Wax, or a combination wax and liquid cleaner, may need a once or twice yearly application to keep the floor in optimal condition.  Apply wax evenly across the entire floor, leave to dry for 20 minutes - and buff to the desired finish.

Floor Sanding & Wood Floor Maintenance Service We Offer:

Wood Floor Restoration, Parquet Floor Restoration, Wood Floor Sanding, Floor Sanding Restoration, Wooden Floor Refinishes, Parquet Flooring Repairs, Parquet Floor Sanding, Wooden Floor Repairs, Wood Floor Maintenance.


  • Removal / Replacement Of Damaged FloorBoards
  • Gap Filling
  • Refinishing Wood Floors
  • Staining And Colours
  • Wood Floor Sealing
  • Wood Floors – Waxing
  • Hardwood Floor Wax Oil
  • Wood Floor Oiling


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Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration Including...

  • Wood Floor Renovation
  • Wood Floor Replacement
  • Wood Floor Remodelling
  • Wood Floor Reinstallation
  • Wood Floor Rebuilding
  • Wood Floor Face-lift
  • Wood Floor Revamp
  • Wood Floor Resurfacing
  • Wood Floor Refinishing
  • Wood Floor Varnishing
  • Wood Floor Waxing
  • Wood Floor Refurbishing

Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services Includes...

  • Flooring
  • Floorboards Renovation
  • Floorboards Replacement
  • Floorboards Remodelling
  • Floorboards Reinstallation
  • Floorboards Resurfacing
  • Floorboards Varnishing
  • Floorboards Refurbishing
  • Floorboards Face-lift
  • Floorboards Revamp

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